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Masiv Industrial Products Co. established on 2010 at 300 square meter with 5 machinery, today growth to 3.000 square meter and more than 50 machines, reaches up to 10 times magnitude by the progress of every year.
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Narrow fabric producer Masiv Industrial Products Co. provides products to many sectors by its dynamic structure of following technology, trends and fashion. Masiv specialized on jacquard narrow fabric products and produces jacquard tapes, elastics, cordons and belts for various international trademarks.

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Multifunctional products due to its flexibility rather than tapes, elastics are gained flexibility by use of lycra and latex inside.
Tapes which are woven at jacquard machines in order to gain writing ability with fabric, have usage areas at garment of woman, man and kidwear...
Generally named after serial manufacture of elastic such as inner elastic, elastic with raising, lingerie elastics.
Named after general woven tapes. Products are woven at different widths according to its usage areas by the application of patterns...
Cordons produced with hose pattern especially has usage at sportswear. It is possible to write with fabric at outer layer of the cordon...
Woven tapes which are sewed to waistbands has type of plain, with writing and with pattern.
Usage areas of technical belts are increasing continuously and preferred instead of composite material owing to its...
Medical narrow fabrics are used at many medical products due to its enduring structure to wearing out, rigid but still...
Add function to the military equipment which are produced according to related standarts required for military utilization.
Also known as crochet knitting has types of elastic tape and non-elastic tape, narrow knitting is commonly used at...
Also known as warp knitting, can slightly stretch transverse with its knitting technic altough elastan is not being used...
Cord end, main purpose of cord end is to prevent cord from unravelling its ends when it is cut at a specific length to be used at especially for sportswear.